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Government Help to Buy Scheme

All apartments, excluding the affordable apartments, are available to purchase through the Government’s Help to Buy Scheme, available to first time buyers and home movers.

With a Help to Buy Equity Loan, the Government lends you up to 20% of the cost of your newly built home, so you’ll only need a 5% cash deposit and a 75% mortgage to make up the rest.

For more information, please visit:

Alternatively, to submit an application visit:

Affordable Homes – South West Help to Buy


These homes are available as part of a discounted sale scheme, in conjunction with Cornwall Council and cannot be purchased through South West Help to Buy.

Anyone wishing to purchase an affordable home has to be approved by South West Help to Buy before they can proceed with purchasing one.

Affordable homes are not available to anyone wishing to purchase on a buy-to- let basis nor as a second residential/holiday home.

How to Apply

All potential parties interested in purchasing an affordable home must register with South West Help to Buy and submit their application to be fully assessed and approved for eligibility.

South West Help to Buy will only process applications on an individual basis to assess eligibility.

Contact Details

South West Help to Buy can be contacted directly to assess the eligibility of an applicant for an affordable home only.

For further information contact:

South West Help to Buy 
Tel: 0300 1234161 

To submit an application visit:


The affordable homes are being sold at 60% of the current market value and will always be sold on this basis.

At the point of resale an owner will, only in perpetuity, own 60% of the market value at any time regardless of the sale price.

Stair-casing to own a 100% share is not an option with an affordable home.


A Section 106 agreement applies.  South West Help to Buy will process applications and assess clients based on their local connection to the Parish of Lostwithiel in the first instance:

Local connection is to the Parish of Lostwithiel in the first instance. 

  • have lived or worked on a full time basis within the parish for at least 3 years within the previous 10 years, or
  • resident there for at least 10 of their first 16 years, or
  • at the time of birth the family was resident in the parish.

Applications will be processed as follows:

After 60 days (22nd October 2017) – out to Secondary Parishes of St Sampson, St Winnow, Lanlivery & Lanhydrock, and need to be a Person in Need

After 90 days (21st November 2017) – out to Cornwall and need to be a Person in Need

After 120 days (21st December 2017) – Local Connection still to be met for Cornwall, but doesn’t need to be a Person in Need.


To reserve a plot a £1000 deposit is required, payable to Wombwell Homes, and a reservation form is to be completed which is held at the Brunel 2 Site Office in Lostwithiel.